30mt on normal tri-axle trailer / 34mt on Superlinks

Yes, one of our sister facilities has a local area with warehousing.

Bulk fertilizer: We can discharge 3000MT per 24Hrs if 2 hatches can be discharged simultaneously in bulk to a warehouse outside of port.

Bulk Fertilizer bagged in port: We can discharge 1700MT per 24hrs if 2 hatches can be discharged simultaneously using two bagging machines per hold ie. 4 bagging machines in total.

Bagged Fertilizer in 50kg bags: We can discharge 1500MT per 24Hrs if 2 hatches can be discharged simultaneously.

Bagged fertilizer in 1 ton bags: We can discharge 2000MT per 24hrs if 2 hatches can be discharged simultaneously.

Depending on truck availability we can bag up to 120 Tons per hour or 1200 Tons in a 10 Hour shift.

Yes, as long as the Bill of lading has a clause in the body of the bill of lading stating that the cargo is in transit to either Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi or DRC. In addition to this the commercial invoice should state a final customer in the country to where it is mentioned the cargo will be in transit too on the bill of lading.

Currently, yes. Clearance takes up to one month

180 days with an option to extend for another 180 days.

The Single Electronic Window system used for customs clearance.

Our administration and finance fees for bank guarantees submitted to customs for warehouse and transit.

There is no scale used in the port to weight trucks. Since bags are never exactly bagged at 50kg there are always minor differences. For all cargo received over BLT weighbridge, our weighbridge weight counts as this is the most accurate. Our weighbridge is mandatory for all bulk cargo received from port.

We will develop this section as we go along. If you have other questions, please contact us directly.